1959 Silvertone 9057A Restoration

Restoration project of a vintage Silvertone phono-stereo from 1959. I picked this stereo up for free...


Stereo Circlotron OTL Project

This stereo OTL tube amplifier project is a continuation of my experiments with the circlotron output...


Circlotron Vacuum Tube OTL Prototype

Vacuum tube audio amplifiers almost invariably use specialized output transformers to match the naturally...


Single Ended Amp Conversion

I picked up an old tube-based laboratory bandpass filter that was discarded. The challenge in this project...


All Tube 20 Watt Audio Amplifier

This power amp was an experiment in designing an all-vacuum tube circuit. We take transistors for granted...


6DQ6B Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifier

A "Junk-box Build" vacuum tube guitar amplifier. I slapped this amp together using only parts I had...

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Ultralinear Single-Ended Desktop Power Amp

Desktop audio amplifier for paring with a PC. Intended for low-level music playback and computer sound...

Staff Pick

10 Watt Stereo Power Amp and Preamp

I started this project out of the need for a hifi stereo system capable of modest power output. I had...


Stereo 6DQ6B 50WPC Power Amplifier

Personal design project of a high powered stereo audio amplifier. The design is comprised of a custom...