An Indifferent Machine
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An Indifferent Machine

An Indifferent Machine

  • Axon of machine
  • A ground perspective of the machine and an example of a type of space it would offer to users.
  • Section diagram of the way spaces would change from bunker to open air depending on the proximity to the ground.
  • Diagram of the placement of open and enclosed spaces.
  • Final Model


Published: May 25, 2017 2 0 193
By: Erin Boyd, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Category: Architecture
Hashtags: #Architecture #Studio

This project is a second year theoretical ecotherapy retreat on a hillside in Big Sur. By looking at ecotherapy as a return to decisions and self-reliance, the center would merely provide a variety of spaces and leave the determination of their uses to the user. The spaces form on the hillside out of a machine that has had to adapt systems for its own survival on the changeable landscape of Big Sur.


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