Analysis of Oreo's Manufacturing Capabilities
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Analysis of Oreo's Manufacturing Capabilities

Analysis of Oreo's Manufacturing Capabilities


Published: April 11, 2019 0 0 101
By: Hayes Kimball, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Category: Manufacturing
Hashtags: #data_analytics #Engineering #jmp #Manufacturing #MechanicalEngineering #statisticalanalysis

This project originated from my Test Design & Analysis for manufacturing technical elective. The course introduced various DOE and data analysis techniques as well as familiarized me with JMP for quick statistical analysis.

The background for this project was to investigate equivalent variants from a single manufacturer and try and identify potential quality issues. I specifically investigated golden and regular double stuffed Oreos. By running a k-sample comparison and also comparing the data to the target (package defined weight) I was able to deduce that although both Oreos hit equivalent means the variation seen by the golden Oreos is significantly higher. This indicates that either two different lines are being used to manufacture the two different Oreos or that they use two similar lines but one may be out of calibration. Either way it would provide a location to start investigating why there are variation differences.

This class along with this project provided me with the techniques and ability to design experiments to gather the data I need to make quick and effective engineering decisions.


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