Cell Culture Plate Holder
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Cell Culture Plate Holder

Cell Culture Plate Holder


Published: September 8, 2018 0 0 137
By: Tyler Fraser, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Category: Engineering
Hashtags: #biomedicalengineering #BiomedicalResearch #Design #Engineering #Mechanical #Solidworks

- Used in Master thesis to improve consistency of keratinocyte non-melanoma skin cancer research.
- Reduce operator variability between plates
- Reduces the chance of: breaking glass bottom, dropping and/or spilling of culture plates by immobilizing the plate until ready for confocal microscopy imaging
- Gently keeps lids on culture plates with soft foam on the lid

Results: Allowed for much easier maneuvering of cell culture plates when experimenting, which in turn drastically reduced the probability of damage. Plates were only taken out when ready to be imaged by the confocal microscope. Most recent experiment used two cell plate holders and produced significant difference between treatment groups