Coca-Cola Hi-Cone Alternative
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Coca-Cola Hi-Cone Alternative

Coca-Cola Hi-Cone Alternative


Published: July 13, 2020 1 0 24
By: Marilyn Nguyen, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Category: Art & Design
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This project was submitted to the IoPP SE Chapter 48HR Repack Student Design Competition 2020 and was awarded Third Place.

The prompt was to redesign the 6-Pack 16.9 oz Bottle Coca-Cola Bundle by creating an alternative for the Hi-Cone Plastic Rings. This project was a collaboration with my fellow Packaging and Graphic Communication students.

The concept that the team came up with was an E-flute corrugated board carrier that was able to support the weight of 6 plastic bottles. The carrier was intentionally designed to have a parallelogram orientation to influence the customer's behavior when removing the bottles. This shape is also efficient for stacking during distribution. The handle on the carrier has the iconic Coca-Cola swoop as part of the design and includes a cushion for comfortable handling. The carrier is made of one singular dieline for easy flattening and erecting. This maximizes efficiency for transportation from distributor to filling facility. The carrier does not use any glue for assembly and can be put together thanks to its friction fit slots. The bottles are securely held in the carrier with the use of toothed holes. There are zipper perforations that help the consumer easily remove the bottles with a minimal amount of force. The graphics for this carrier were inspired from Coca-Cola's new campaign for plastic bottles made from recycled marine litter. The Coca-Cola logo intentionally placed on the edges so that the “Coca-Cola” name is seen from various angles.

Everyone in the team contributed to the design and concept of the package. Carson and I developed the structural design of the carrier, while Morgan handled the graphics, photography, and video editing. I was involved in almost every part of this project, which included brainstorming the concept of this design, designing the dieline in ArtiosCAD, refining the features, perfecting the final graphics, along with file conversion and preparation.

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