"Core" by Maria Woodson
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"Core" by Maria Woodson

"Core" by Maria Woodson

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Published: July 14, 2017 0 0 42
By: Maria Woodson, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Category: Music
Hashtags: #Composition #Guitar #Music #recording

"Core" Album
I originally named this project “Core” intended as a placeholder, because many of these songs were inspired by books that I read in my core English courses in college. Over time, though, the name had begun to grow on me and I decided to keep it. To me, “Core” refers to the core of our humanity and our incredible capacity for empathy. I gravitate towards literature for this very reason. Language will always fall short of truly transferring an idea or an emotion from one mind to another, but literature aims to bridge the gap between thought and experience just enough to allow us to gain a deeper understanding of each other. This is not something that I, or that anyone, should ever take lightly. For this project, I wanted to take some of the texts that I’ve studied over the past four years and zero in on the parts of them that would appeal to this “core” with the hopes that channeling these emotions through another medium (music) could help bridge that gap even further for the contemporary listener. Unfortunately, the value of the Liberal Arts has become belittled in the face of a highly technological age; I wanted to show that literature is and will always be valuable and necessary to the progression of human beings, no matter how industrialized we have become. Especially now, we cannot forget about our connection to one another, and we cannot neglect our responsibility to strengthen that connection through the creation and the study of art.