Electronics Manufacturing Fundraiser
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Electronics Manufacturing Fundraiser

Electronics Manufacturing Fundraiser


Published: December 5, 2015 0 0 417
By: Steve Paek, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Category: Electrical Engineering
Hashtags: #AnalogCircuitDesign #CircuitDesign #ElectricalEngineer #LED #ManufacturingEngineering #PCBLayout #ProductDesign

As president of the Technology Student Association at Old Tappan High School, I led an electronics manufacturing fundraiser to raise awareness of our club and funding for our ongoing projects. The final product was a sound responsive-LED necklace that spelled out our school's initials. Our club sold these necklaces at football games where they lit up in our school's colors when the crowd cheered went wild.

To accomplish this, I designed an analog circuit which could light up multiple LEDs in response to sound. The circuit had a low current-draw and parts-count to factor in cost-efficiency and manufacturing feasibility. I designed a circular, double-sided PCB with LEDs arranged to spell 'OT'. our school's initials and sent the files to a PCB fabrication service. I sourced all the necessary parts and analyzed the costs of producing one final unit. The final procedure was getting the club together to form an assembly line to manufacture 50 units of theses necklaces.

• Organized and led assembly line to manufacture and sell final product at high school sporting events


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