Oak Ridge High School Welding Booth
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Oak Ridge High School Welding Booth

Oak Ridge High School Welding Booth


Published: May 1, 2019 4 0 220
By: Max Foorman, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Category: Education
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Lead and implement a project to improve the welding shop space of the Oak Ridge High School Manufacturing Engineering Technology program (ORHSMET). Improvements focused on improved utilization of space, increased number of welding power supplies, central inert gas delivery for long term process cost savings.
$63,000 was secured from California Career Technical Education Improvement Grant funds to begin the initial investments for the project of 8 new TIG and 8 new MIG welding power supplies and the inert gas delivery system and new electrical wiring configurations.

The existing welding tables in the shop would not be able to support the growth and reconfiguration of the welding area, and a search of commercially available educational welding booths similarly did not meet the desired requirements for the ORHSMET welding area. I then created a rough frame design in Solidworks and found pre-manufactured modular welding table from Strong Hand Tools to fit into the design. An additional $20,000 in support funds were provided from the Oak Ridge Foundation to provide materials for these student manufactured welding stations.
The manufacture of a prototype and progression to manufacture four total units began in the second semester of the 2018-2019 academic year. The students listed as teammates on the project below took on different elements of the process. Special attention goes to Logan Luddy and Cameron Janssen for spending many extra hours outside of class helping to keep the project going and guiding their peers.


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Tagged Teammates:

  • Alex Montelongo
  • Cameron Janssen
  • Cole Swagerty
  • Eric Reyes Vallejo
  • Ethan Castro
  • Evan Young
  • Jeanette Simo
  • Johnathan Nicoll
  • Logan Luddy
  • Nathaniel Howard
  • Reid Arbogast
  • Rylan Kono
  • Samantha Metzger
  • Thomas Jaerger


Reid Arbogast Rochelle Blevins Eric Reyes Vallejo Cole Swagerty